Graduate Student Research

Below is a list of graduate students that I have supervised or co-supervised. Follow the links to check out their research.

I am always looking for new graduate students to join the team. If you are interested in studying marine ecology, paleoecology, or human-environment interactions, please get in touch

PhD students

Matthew Bennion (in progress) Diseases in New Zealand surf clams

Jacinta Forde (in progress) The cultural significance of toheroa

Vanessa Taikato (in progress) The science behind ahumoana tawhito (ancient aquaculture): translocation of toheroa by early-Maori

Helen Cadwallader (in progress) Diet composition and heavy metal accumulation in NZ Batoid Elasmobranchs.
Sam McCormack (in progress) Sponge taxonomy and conservation

MSc students

Lolita Vallyon (in progress) Birds vs. clams

Regan Fairlie (in progress) The environmental history of Tauranga Moana.

Melissa Kellett (in progress) Coastal habitat partitioning by sharks.

Jane Cope (2018)  The effects of changing land use on habitat suitability and the recovery of toheroa.

Staci King (2017) Connectivity between aquaculture farms and Sabella spallazanii: rafting potential and treatment options.
Nathania Brooke (2015) Larval fish ecology of Tauranga Harbour.
Nicole Sturgess (2015) Mapping the ecological and biophysical character of seabed habitats of the Paraninihi Marine Reserve, Taranaki, New Zealand.
Te Puea Dempsey (2015) Toitu Te Moananui a Toi – The Effects of the MV Rena on the Water Quality, Chemistry and Zooplankton of Otaiti (Astrolabe Reef).
Caleb McSweeney (2015) Rena copper sediment effects to Paua (Haliotis iris).
Sam McCormack (2015) The Taxonomy of Demospongiae (Porifera) from the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand - connecting Linnaean and Phylogenetic Classification.
Vanessa Taikato (2014) Estuarine condition and macro-benthic communities in Te Tahuna o Rangataua, Te Awanui, Tauranga Harbour.

BSc (Hons) students

Amy Platt (2015) Effects of copper on macroalgae recruitment.