My areas of specialty are marine community ecology and molecular ecology with a focus on temperate soft sediment and rocky reef ecosystems. I’m interested in understanding how communities of sea creatures respond to and recover from disturbances, particularly man-made disturbances. For the last few years my research has been focused on trying to determine the ecological effects of the MV Rena grounding on Astrolabe Reef. Recently, I have begun working on toheroa, a large endemic surf clam occurring on only a handful of west coast surf beaches. For this Marsden funded research project, I am combining ecology, archaeology and population genetics with Matauranga Maori (Maori knowledge) to gain a better understanding of factors impeding the recovery of toheroa, early human influences on their distribution and the extent to which early Maori manipulated their marine environment.

Current Research
Graduate Student Research

A list of graduate students that I have supervised or co-supervised is available here. Follow the links to check out their research.