Jane Cope

After a successful corporate career, Jane turned away from the dark side of the force and embarked on a career in science. Jane is now studying for her MSc at the University of Waikato, Coastal Marine Field Station.  Her research forms part of a transdisciplinary Marsden funded research programme examining the history, biology and ecology of toheroaHer research investigates the role of the beach environment in determining the distribution of toheroa. Specifically, the influence of streams and freshwater seeps. She hopes to shed some light on the reasons that toheroa populations have not recovered despite several decades of protection.

The west coast beaches of Northland are her main focus, although she has undertaken some work on Southland toheroa populations. When not on the beach, Jane can be found amongst the community, gaining first-hand accounts of the toheroa populations of yesteryear. Jane’s interests lie in science that is of value the community...  although she occasionally admits that lab work might be simpler.  

Contact: janecope@gmail.com