Helen Cadwallader

After several years spent chasing the summer back and forth to her native Wales, Helen is now chasing stingrays. She completed her BSc at the University of Bristol and her MSc at Bangor University, both in the UK, specialising in fish behaviour. Her MSc project was in conjunction with the Thresher Shark Research and Conservation project studying the interaction between Pelagic Thresher Sharks and cleaner fish.

She is now studying the habitat use, movements of short tail stingrays (Bathytoshia brevicaudata) and the New Zealand eagle ray (Myliobatis tenuicaudatus) in Tauranga harbour using tagging and quantification of feeding evidence. Helen is also looking at pressures that the growth of urban areas and industry on New Zealand's coastline may be having on them by quanitfying heavy metal body burdens.

Contact: helecad@gmail.com